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in memory of Abbi, 06.17.2003 ~ 05.20.2019

          Hi! My name is Abbi. You might think it's strange for a dog to have a web site, but let me explain. One of my owners, Jo, is trying to get very good at designing web sites. I told her I would help her by letting her design a web site for me. You also might think it's weird that I said, "I told her," because dogs can't talk, right? Well, this one can. As you can tell, I'm a pretty unique pup. You can learn all about me here at Abbi.JoKai.net. Also, you can look at pictures of me (with my commentary), sign my guestbook, or send me an email. Thanks for visiting my web site. Visit my Jo's website, JoKai.net, and her web design site, JoKai CobbWebs, too!


Read this note from my Jo, please!

Abbi     Abbi


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